I have for a long time believed that research and education are the cornerstones of the green industry. Working as the superintendent at Oak Hill Country Club, I was honored to be able to host the US Open and the Ryder Cup on my greens. Having such exposure on television and in newspapers, I had to make sure that the grounds were in excellent condition. I couldn't have done it alone. I relied on the talents of my staff, and students from the state run SUNY system. I feel the research supported by NYSTA and Cornell University gives students a larger knowledge base and experience to draw from when going out into the workplace, making them in demand.

Experiencing the power of this research first hand I have decided to show my support of NYSTA by becoming a member. After many years of being a member and offering my services and institutional knowledge I am president of the organization.

I ask you to please support the endowment with your financial contribution, so we can ensure that the future of the green industry is secure.

Joseph P. Hahn
NYSTA Past President